Day in the life of a food can

‘Day in the life of a food can.’
or the ‘The Hunger games’

Nope not the film its the Coalitions verbal gymnastics in the media abnorsia on a daily basis. They seem to think if they say there isn’t a problem often enough in the media it must be true.

Ian Duncan Smiths twisted logic when he say’s ‘his welfare reforms are a moral mission giving hope to the poor’ what planet is he on?


John Glen MP and Parliamentary Aide to Eric Pickles Secretary of State for Community and Local Government recently appealed for politics to be taken out of a debate on food banks wtf.

Crossed swords with Eric Pickles in another life on Bradford Council in the 80s since then he’s softened his image, think he must have had lessons from Maggie T’s voice coach.

Just get it will you – not you, the politicians. Hunger Is A National Crises.

We are the sixth richest economy in the world yet an inescapable fact is that food banks for people in extreme need have exploded in the last 4 years. In the last year it has increased 163%.

According to the Liverpool Echo its 1 in 5 people go hungry on Mersey side on a weekly basis. A recent Dailey Mirror headline ‘Sister launches petition for inquiry after a ex-soldier died starving and destitute when his benefits had been stopped.

Why won’t MPs come out and say it, you just don’t hear it, that the Governments Welfare Reforms, Benefits Cuts And Delays, Austerity,and Low Wages.has driven the country into hunger and food poverty. T

The Sick and disabled have been hammered and the bedroom tax has compounded the problem punishing hundreds and thousands of people for successive Governments failure to build council housing.

Attacking the weakest in our society, those least able to defend themselves is morally wrong, and cruel. Camerons Dickensian values have plunged this country into hunger, food poverty and worse.