About the Coalition Cycle Company

It was a difficult decision for our founders David Cameron and Nick Clegg to name their first (and probably last) Coalition Cycle. They have more in common than just their ages and expensive education. Nick shares David’s love of Bob Dylan and David Bowie so it was a tossup between Bob Dylan’s ‘Tangled up in Blue’ or Bowies ‘Life on Mars’. In the end they couldn’t get a consensus. They both compromised and went for Dylan’s ‘You ain’t going nowhere’ cycle.

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Celebrated Liverpool Artist Alex Corina combines art and politics in a series of new works prompted by four years of the Cameron and Clegg Coalition. He’s created ‘The Coalition Cycle’ a bicycle which says Alex “faces both ways with a pair of baskets”.

The Coalition Cycle forms the centre piece of a collection of new works which have the Coalition in their sights. Alex has adapted familiar road signs and created new ones to highlight the impact of austerity and the coalition’s economic policies on the NHS and the Welfare State. Printmaker Alex has previously worked with the Labour and Trade Union Movement on Campaigns and Merchandise Design. He is best known for his work the Mona Lennon, the image used to brand and promote Liverpool’s status as European Capital of Culture 2008.